Conveyor design and manufacturing by Transcon provides the toughest industries with dependable conveyors that work under the harshest conditions. Transcon conveyors increase your productivity with long-lasting conveyers designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Because Seconds Matter

In business for sixty years, our engineering team works closely with customers to fill the gap between customer’s operational issues and conveyor designs.

Transcon Conveyor understands the important role of reliable and hard-working conveyors in order to meet quotas and deadlines. Our team evaluates your specific application and provides custom solutions that move your materials as efficiently as possible. After all, seconds add up to hours, and hours add up to days. Every move matters when it comes to conveyors. We provide the conveyors that move you quickly, safely, and with minimal downtime.


Hot Forging and Heat Treating

Forging conveyors carry away hot steel parts from large stamping presses. In fact, these components are often several thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Some of the belts used in hot forging or heat-treating applications include steel hinged belts, wire mesh belts, or heavy-duty welded hinge belts.

Transcon has a full array of multi-lane belts with features to protect hot parts. In tight-fit applications, Transcon’s Piggy-Back design integrates two conveyors. One mounted above the other, providing different load points and load-out locations and heights for parts and scrap.

Metal Stamping Industry Conveyors

Transcon manufactures below ground conveyor systems that collect scrap from multiple lines. Our conveyors integrate both steel and aluminum and keep it segregated for off-loading into rail cars or roll-away carts outside of the press building.
Additionally, Transcon manufactures floor conveyor units for individual presses to fill scrap tubs. We provide specialized designs that run alongside a tool, or wide-belted conveyors to fit into the press windows. These conveyors can stay low for rolling bolster applications. Each conveyor is built-tough to withstand moving when pulled by a tow motor or pushed on casters.

Fully customizable conveyors to process your scrap are made possible with our welded hinge belt designs. Heavy wear plates, impact plates (with or without dimples/perforations) customize each belt to your specific applications. In fact, welded hinge belting lasts longer than press formed hinge belts. They do not pull apart and they stay true to the drive chains.

Small pieces of scrap and thin gage material presents issues for the stamping industry. Accordingly, Transcon has fine mesh and advanced rubber covers which provide a uniform surface to move metal without it getting caught in the belt mechanism.

CNC Machining

When it comes to your high production machine tools, automatic chip removal is essential.
Transcon builds heavy duty chip-out conveyors that can handle fine, chips, cut-offs, and machining fluids. Our conveyors efficiently move the materials away from your machining center. Our chip-out systems maintain continuous, synchronized chip removing cycles automatically. In other words, they do not require manual attention related to the handling of chips.

Machine tool layout, material, and production rates, set the parameters for each individually designed conveyor. With Transcon’s stronger construction, you can rely on a longer working life and heavier duty performance.

Conveyor Design for Steel and Aluminum Industry

Whether you are moving hot billets or large crop ends, you need a conveyor designed to carry heavy loads. Transcon’s slat-belt, powered roller, and reinforced welded hinge belting conveyors are used in many of these applications. They provide hassle-free operation and long-life.

The use of reliable conveyor belts to efficiently move materials from one place to without downtime has a direct impact on the productivity of your operation. In fact, it is critical to your success. Partner with Transcon Conveyor and get the conveyor system your business demands.

Conveyor Needs for Recycling and Waste Processing Industries

Sorting is among the biggest challenges for the recycling and waste processing industry. Customized conveyors by Transcon provide you with the latest engineering and technology to process these materials efficiently and effectively.

Transcon’s welded hinge belting provides a perfect product configuration for wide, heavy duty conveyors to move waste products. In fact, these belts can usually be retrofitted into existing chain driven conveyors. Contact our team to discuss your exact application and how Transcon can help.

Talk to Transcon for the Conveyor Your Industry Demands

Transcon designs and builds innovative, long-lasting conveyors designed to solve a wide range of conveyance issues and minimize downtime. Furthermore, our team offers on-site engineering to ensure your new or retrofitted conveyor meets your exact requirements and increases your productivity.

Contact our Engineering Department at 440-255-7600 or email our team at [email protected] to discuss your specific needs.