Transcon’s engineering team works closely with customers to fill the gap between customer’s operational issues and conveyor designs. In 60 years, Transcon has designed and built innovative, long-lasting conveyors designed to solve a very wide range of issues and to minimize downtime. We are happy to share that expertise with you. We can provide on-site engineering to make sure that we are providing you with the best alternatives to meet your requirements. Contact our Engineering Department at 440-255-7600 or [email protected] to discuss your specific needs.

Hot Forging and Heat Treating

Transcon has a full array of multi-lane belts with features to protect hot parts. In tight-fit applications, Transcon’s Piggy-Back design integrates two conveyors, one mounted above the other, providing different load points and load-out locations and heights for parts and scrap.

Metal Stamping

Transcon is a major supplier of large, below ground conveyor systems collecting scrap from multiple lines, integrating both steel and aluminum and keeping it segregated off-loading into rail cars or roll-aways outside of the press building. We also have floor units for individual presses to fill scrap tubs. We have specialized designs to run alongside a tool or wide, study belted conveyors to fit into the press windows, staying low for rolling bolster applications. These conveyors are built-tough to withstand moving, either on casters for with a tow motor or crane without damage. With welded hinge belting, the features you need to process your scrap is easy to design. Heavy wear plates, impact plates, with or without dimples and perforations, are all part of the design set with welded hinge belting. Welded hinge belting lasts longer than press formed hinges—they don’t pull apart and stay true to the drive chains. Small pieces of scrap and thin gage material presents issues for stamping. Transcon has fine mesh and advanced rubber covers which provide a uniform surface to move metal without it getting caught in the belt mechanism.

CNC machining

Chip-out conveyors are ubiquitous in the machining industry. Transcon builds heavy duty chip-out conveyors that can handle fine, chips, cut-offs, and machining fluids, and efficiently move it away from your machining center.

Steel and Aluminum

Moving hot billets and intermediate material to the next operation, or moving large crop ends for reprocessing requires conveyors designed to carry heavy loads. Transcon’s slat-belt, powered roller, and reinforced welded hinge belting conveyors are used in many of these applications, where they provide hassle-free operation and long-life.

Recycling and Waste Processing

Transcon’s welded hinge belting is a perfect product configuration to provide wide, heavy duty conveyors to move waste products. These belts can usually be retrofitted into existing chain driven conveyors.