Custom conveyors by Transcon increase your productivity through quality and innovation. Our highly experienced and dedicated team brings 60 years of experience to the table. In short, our commitment to quality and innovation enables Transcon to provide customized conveyor solutions and equipment built to last.

Quality that Makes Transcon an Industry Leader

Moving matters. Transcon understands the science of conveyor efficiency and optimization. Moreover, we provide customized solutions for your exact applications. We provide expert engineering & design for a wide variety of processes. For instance, chips and turnings, parts handling, scrap, drag systems, or manufacturing support.

Transcon is committed to innovation through quality design and construction. Consequently, we invest the time to understand your application needs. Then create a design strategy to increase your efficiency. In addition, our team is ISO 9001:2015 Certified with Design.

All our products are built, assembled, and tested at our facility in Mentor, Ohio. In short, our goal is a turnkey installation that avoids unnecessary downtime.

Innovations that Increase Productivity

Transcon designs and builds conveyors for a wide variety of metallurgical industries. This includes scrap handling, hot forging and heat treating, CNC machining, steel and aluminum, and recycling/waste processing.

Some of our recent product innovations include Tight-Fit Piggyback Conveyors, slow cooling and high heat resistant conveyors, and fast cooling open belts with upward air flow. Additionally, our team has designed and built belts to protect parts, as well as continuous radius transfer conveyors with no pinch points. The list goes on.

If you find your current conveyors are falling short, contact our team to discuss your concerns. Our engineers will evaluate your situation and let you know how
Transcon can help.

Decades of Custom Conveyors Solutions Experience

Transcon engineers and build team offer decades of ingenuity and experience. Our deep experience with a wide range of client applications has given us a lot of time to perfect many custom conveyor solutions.

For instance, we provide many clients with chain driven rubber belt custom conveyors. These are particularly useful for moving thin gauge metal, small parts, waste products and recycling.

Additionally, we build and design customized chain driven wire mesh conveyors. These chain conveyors make excellent washer conveyors. They also excel in handling heat-treat quench applications or hot parts. Our chain driven wire mesh conveyor belts are built with steel and stainless mesh, with openings sizes determined by your specific application.

Transcon also specializes in custom powered roller conveyors. These conveyors are perfect for a wide variety of applications. They are excellent at handling heavy loads and can be built with powered curves. Your specific conveyance needs determine roller size and frame design, resulting in a conveyor that increases your productivity.

Commitment to Quality & Innovation
conveyor rebuilds

Custom Conveyors that Get You Moving

Partner with Transcon for the quality and innovation that increases your productivity. With decades of experience, Transcon delivers solutions. In short, expertly engineered, high-quality, long-lasting conveyor systems that ensure you meet your quotas.

Contact our team today. It’s time to discover how Transcon’s commitment to quality and innovation will deliver the customized conveyors your business needs.