Conveyor maintenance is essential to avoiding downtime. A well cared for conveyor will give you MANY years of service. In fact, with proper maintenance, many Transcon conveyors have been in operation for 30+ years.

Regular Maintenance in Order to Avoid Downtime

It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day production. When a line is running smoothly, no one wants to stop for maintenance. We often feel caught in an endless loop of trying to catch up or keep up with our quotas.

However, conveyor maintenance is essential. Just like any machine, a lack of maintenance is simply asking for trouble.  Often it leads to a much more significant amount of downtime.

Transcon Conveyor technicians have a deep understanding of conveyor maintenance. With each installation or repair, we take the time to show our customers how to maintain and monitor their conveyor.

Conveyor Maintenance Basics

Preventative maintenance starts with a visual inspection each day. Checking the conveyor for any obvious signs of damage, misalignment or being unlevel. Also, listen to the conveyor for any rubbing or grinding noises. Address any of these issues immediately, before they get worse.

Monthly maintenance should include checking belt tensions, drive chains, or v-belts, and adjusting if necessary. Additionally, check oil levels each month, as well as checking chains for ample lubrication. A visual inspection should include checking for any loose bolts and tightening them up before starting.

conveyor maintenance

Semi-annual maintenance should include a motor amperage reading, and greasing pillow blocks and bearings. And finally, once a year the belt should be removed, and the conveyor frame and belt should be inspected for damage or wear.  Replace worn or damaged parts and readjust the unit.

Trust the Transcon Professionals

Transcon designs and builds customized conveyors with a focus on metallurgical industries. We repair conveyors from other manufacturers as well.  We take the time to teach our customers about their conveyors, and how best to keep them running. When you have questions, we have answers.

Whether you are looking for a new conveyor system, or need help with an existing one, contact our team today. Transcon gets you moving and keeps you moving.