Transcon Conveyor – Leading the Industry since 1959

In business for over 60 years, Transcon Conveyor designs and builds severe duty material handling systems. In fact, Transcon has installed conveyors and systems with enough belting to stretch from coast to coast across the United States. The kicker? As you read this, most of our conveyors are still in service today.

Transcon Conveyor – Made in America

While Transcon designs and builds custom conveyors for clients across the country, our roots are in the Midwest. Headquartered in Mentor, Ohio, Transcon first opened its doors in 1959. Common sense production techniques combined with the values of old-time craftsmanship and vast application engineering experience continue to characterize our manufacturing philosophy. Our mission is to provide conveyors that increase productivity with high operating efficiency, low maintenance, and long service life.

Over the years, Transcon Conveyor has earned the trust of many Fortune 500 companies. Efficient design, attention to detail, and highest manufacturing standards are our promise. Whether processing metal scrap, solid waste, hot forgings, or extremely heavy items like steel coils, Transcon conveyors withstand the most punishing environments and keep you moving.

Furthermore, our work extends beyond the design and build phase. Every conveyor is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our facility. Every nut, bolt, weld, drive system, and paint job must meet Transcon standards. Additionally, Transcon works hand in hand with clients throughout the installation phase, and we provide start-up support for your team. Over the decades, this consistent service level has propelled Transcon from a Midwest conveyor manufacturer to a nationwide conveyor system industry leader.

Experience You Can Lean On

Our engineers work to help solve your toughest material handling or processing problem. Simply put, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with your staff to design a custom system that meets your specific processing needs.

Transcon conveyors range from simple baler in-feed conveyors to complex automotive stamping scrap removal systems. We build systems that withstand the harshest conditions both indoors and out. Furthermore, our conveyors are built to run three shifts per day, seven days a week.

Many of our working partnerships are decades old. We are proud of our reputation, and work to provide every client with the severe duty material handling system their application demands. If you have a conveyance need, contact our team today. Partner with Transcon Conveyor. We will get you moving and keep you moving.