Find the conveyor solutions your business demands with Transcon Conveyor in Mentor, Ohio. Transcon designs and builds customized conveyors that move your materials efficiently and safely. In short, we offer the highest quality and long-lasting conveyors that keep you moving.

Engineered Conveyor Solutions for Your Unique Applications

Transcon engineers know the smallest details can have a big impact. In fact, understanding the specific needs of your application drives our design and manufacturing process. We make it our job to understand your needs and deliver a conveyor that is reliable and increases your efficiency.

Transcon offers full design, engineering and build capabilities with a special focus on metallurgical industries. In fact, our conveyors and belting are designed to withstand high heat for metallurgical processing. All our systems are fully customizable and designed to protect your operators. We build conveyors designed to carry very heavy loads on any floor level or underground configuration.

Additional Transcon exclusive features include our welded hinge design. We design our welded hinge-loop and seamless-belt pans for efficient operation and the long life of the conveyor. Furthermore, Transcon conveyors are feature rich to facilitate quick and safe maintenance in hard to access installations. In fact, Transcon engineers design conveyors that make major belt maintenance possible without disassembling or uninstalling your conveyor.

Customized to Increase Your Productivity

Custom conveyors built by Transcon increase customer productivity. Customizations and optimizations such as automated belt tension take-ups, spring buffered take-ups, and automated lubrication for belt chains and shaft bearings keep you moving. Moving efficiently with less downtime means an increase in your bottom line.

Additional options include rubber composites and wire mesh surfaces to cover steel belting and carry small or thin gauge materials. Furthermore, we offer fully automated load-out systems to maximize scrap recovery. These systems are available with multi-position discharge chutes, shuttle systems to fully fill scrap containers, and aut0mated fill sensing.

In fact, there is really no end to the available customizations. If you have a conveyance need, our team will help you with a customized solution.

Let Transcon Help Get You Moving in the Right Direction

Transcon is proud to have been in business for 60 years. In fact, some of our original conveyors are STILL in use! We design, build, and test, each conveyor here in our Mentor, Ohio facility before delivery.

Whether you need a new conveyor, or want to rebuild your current one, Transcon is the team to trust.  Our knowledgeable and experienced team will design and manufacture the customized system that is ideal for your application. It’s time to get you moving with a Transcon conveyor.

Welded Hinge Steel Belt Conveyors

Welded Hinge Steel Belt Conveyors

Transcon Conveyor builds conveyors to solve specific customer operational issues. Our conveyors are built to last in punishing environments. We know that our conveyors are doing their job if they keep up with your operations and don’t cause any unscheduled downtime. At the core of Transcon’s conveyors are attention to details that make a difference in how well our conveyors perform in the long run. Our conveyors are based on our long history with chain driven designs and robust welded hinge steel belting installed in heavy duty frames.

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Custom Conveyor Solutions

Custom Conveyor Solutions

With decades of experience for custom conveyor solutions, our chain driven rubber mesh conveyors, chain driven wire mesh conveyors and powered roller conveyors are some of the best in the industry.

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Conveyor Belts

Replacement Belts

No matter who manufactured your conveyor, Transcon provides replacement belts for both Transcon and other manufacturer’s conveyors from all over the world. Contact our Engineering Department at 440-255-7600 or [email protected] to discuss your specific needs.

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Commitment to Quality & Innovation

Commitment To Quality & Innovation

Transcon has a highly experienced and dedicated team who engineer, design and build high quality, long lasting conveyors and replacement belts. Many of Transcon’s conveyors have an operating life of 30 years or longer. Our equipment is engineered to outlast our competition.

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