Conveyor rebuilds that put you back in business. Rebuilding, refurbishing, and retrofitting conveyors for 60 years. Transcon Conveyors offers unrivaled technology and expertise for your conveyor rebuild. When your current conveyor is no longer getting the job done, contact Transcon.

Industry Leading Conveyor Experts

Trust your rebuild to our experienced experts. Transcon designs, manufactures, and rebuilds a wide variety of industrial conveyor systems, often designed for severe material handling in metallurgical industries. For example, chain conveyors, powered roller conveyors, and welded hinge steel belt conveyors.

Conveyor rebuilds save business owners approximately 20-30% over the cost of a new conveyor. That is a savings worth considering when you have an older but reliable piece of equipment. Common rebuild requests are for a new head shaft, tail shaft, or belting. Transcon also offers rebuilds for conveyors in extreme abrasive environments where the frame is still solid, but the internal workings need cleaning or replacing.

Transcon’s rebuild program includes a complete evaluation, inspection, cleaning and replacement of worn parts and belts. Cleaning services include Dry Ice Blasting, and repainting options are available. We deliver a tested and fully refurbished unit performing like new.

Transcon rebuilds include solutions for both Transcon as well as most competitor’s conveyors. From the frames to the belts to the electronics, our team has the expert knowledge you need.  No matter how unique your application, our engineering and build teams will work to rebuild and optimize your conveyor system.

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Conveyor Rebuilds with Transcon- Because Seconds Add Up to Hours

Our team understands the small changes in your conveyor system can have major impact in your processing. So when you notice a shortfall in your system, talk to our team. Our engineers design custom applications that can be incorporated into your rebuild.

Optimized conveyor systems increase efficiency, while professional design and build teams assure reliability.  Shaving off seconds eventually adds up to hours. Those hours add up to money in the bank. No matter how simple or complex, you can rely on Transcon for your conveyor system rebuild.

Contact Transcon and Put an End to Downtime

Get the help you need with failing or inefficient conveyors because no one has time for downtime.  Transcon has been designing, manufacturing, and rebuilding conveyor equipment for three decades. In fact, we designed, fabricated, and installed some of the largest and highly automated conveyor systems in use in the United States. We take great pride in partnering with customers to help them increase their productivity levels.

For reliable, efficient, and cost-effective conveyor solutions, contact Transcon and schedule an appointment today. Our team will get you moving and keep you moving.