In business for 60 years, Transcon is an industry leader in chain conveyor systems. Trust our Transcon design and build teams to get you moving and keep you moving.

Customized Chain Conveyors – Reliable & Strong

Transcon’s engineering team works closely with customers in order to resolve operational issues.  In short, we build innovative and long-lasting conveyors that rarely need attention.  Moreover, our proven engineering minimizes downtime and keeps your system moving.

Transcon offers a wide variety of chain conveyors.  For example, we build welded hinge steel belt conveyors, chip removal conveyors, and drag chain conveyors, to name a few. With their robust design, chain conveyor systems are ideal at times roller or belt conveyors will not fill the need.

System sensors and customized design enable our chain conveyors to be individually adjusted to customer specifications.  Resulting in flow and speed management, as well as size and fit.  Size for the items you convey and fit for the space you have available.

chain conveyor

Engineering Industry Solutions

Transcon Conveyors works with a variety of industries, with a special focus on metallurgical trades.  Some of the industries we service include steel and aluminum, CNC machining, heat forging, and metal stamping.

Transcon has a full array of multi-lane belts with features to protect hot parts. In tight-fit applications, Transcon’s Piggy-Back design integrates two conveyors.  One mounts above the other, providing different load points and load-out locations and heights for parts and scrap.

Transcon is a major supplier of large, below ground chain conveyor systems that collect scrap from multiple lines. We also manufacture floor units for individual presses, as well as specialized designs that run alongside a tool.

Additionally, we provide conveyors for several customers in the recycling and waste management business.  Transcon’s welded hinge belting provides a perfect platform with wide, heavy duty conveyors to move waste products. In fact, these belts are often retrofitted into existing chain driven conveyors.

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When you need to move your materials, parts, or scrap, you can count on the experts at Transcon. Our customized solutions keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. In fact, let’s get you moving in the right direction immediately when you contact our team today for your free consultation.