Keep your business moving with customized conveyor systems by Transcon Conveyor.  For over 60 years, Transcon has been an industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom conveyor systems.

We provide expert engineering & design for a wide variety of applications.   For instance, chips and turnings, parts handling, scrap, drag systems, or manufacturing support, to name a few. Each system is precisely engineered in order to increase productivity.

Increase Productivity with Superior Design and Engineering

Trust our team to provide the custom conveyor solutions your business demands. With decades of experience, Transcon’s highly experienced team delivers solutions. In short, expertly engineered, high-quality, long lasting conveyor systems that ensure you meet your quotas.

All our products are designed, built, and assembled, at our facility in Mentor, Ohio.  Additionally, Transcon carefully tests every system before client delivery.  Our methods help ensure a smooth transition into your facility.  As a result, we deliver client conveyor systems with minimal disruption or downtime.

We focus on customized solutions that increase production and built to last.  As a result, many of Transcon’s conveyors have an operating life of 30 years or longer. Our conveyors consistently outlast our competition.

Transcon delivers a fast quote and design process.  Our team is ISO 9001:2015 Certified with Design. Accordingly, you can trust Transcon for your conveyor system needs.

Engineering Versatility for Custom Solutions

Transcon manufactures conveyors to handle loads of any weight, varying degrees of impact, and unusual pressures. As a result, they fit seamlessly into virtually any system. With an exclusive welded hinge design, longer conveyor lines in heavier working loads are available.

Customizations are based on your specific needs. Some examples of client customizations include open or closed frame constructions, varying pitches, abrasion resistant track liners, or ASCE rail tracks. Additional customizations can include loading baffles and hoppers, discharge chutes, and automatic take-up arrangements. In short,  Transcon can customize your conveyor system to fit your exact needs.

Transcon Conveyor Systems, the Industry Leader

Transcon is the source you can trust for a wide variety of severe duty material handling solutions. Some of the industries we specialize in include forging, stamping, and recycling.  Additionally, industries with quenching or heat applications turn to Transcon for custom solutions.

Contact our office today to discuss your conveyor system needs.  Our  team will design and manufacture the customized system that is ideal for your application. Let’s get you moving with your customized Transcon conveyor.