Designing and manufacturing conveyor belts for three generations, Transcon Conveyors has become an industry leader. Rely on our team of seasoned and committed experts to design and construct top-tier belt conveyor systems. Transcon has earned a reputation for manufacturing industrial conveyor belts renowned for their exceptional quality and unmatched durability.

We offer many types of conveyor systems with a wide range of options. Our conveyor belts help move products and material handling for your specific applications.

Welded Hinge Steel Conveyor Belts

There are many types of conveyor belts and an endless number of options. Accordingly, Transcon offers a wide variety of welded hinge conveyor systems customized for your specific needs. For example, some of the systems we manufacture include chip removal conveyors, scrap handling systems, and heavy-duty conveyors.

Transcon welded hinge steel conveyor belts withstand the most punishing environments. Specifically, we build our steel belt conveyor systems with chain-driven designs. These systems feature robust welded hinge steel belting in heavy-duty frames.

Welded hinge conveyor belts offer an endless array of options. For instance, if you require thicker pans to carry your material, we simply integrate thicker material. If you need a flush top to protect your parts, we weld the pan high on the loops. Similarly, Transcon offers specialized cleat installations to facilitate the smooth movement of your parts uphill.

Additional options include a mesh screen to protect your parts or allow for faster cooling. Transcon will first replace the belt pans with an open structure, providing robust support for the weight of your parts. Afterward, our team will cover the belt with a mesh screen to enhance its functionality. The end result is you’ll get the robustness of a welded hinge design with the belt surface you need.

With a wide array of hinged steel belt conveyor configuration combinations available, our experienced team will work closely with you. Together, we will design a system that perfectly meets your specific processing needs.

Chain Driven Heavy Duty Rubber Conveyor Belts

Chain driven rubber conveyor belts convey bulk solid materials over any distance. Heavy-duty and strong, and often used for conveying grains, ore, coal, or sand. Customized options can include light or heavy-duty belting, changes in elevation, inclines, declines, or cleats. Whatever your needs, our team has the solution with unrivaled design solutions.

Additional uses for Transcon rubber conveyor belts include conveying thin gauge metal or small parts. Furthermore, they are ideal for moving waste products and recycling. In fact, there are an endless number of uses for these customized powered belts.

Wire Mesh & Powered Roller Conveyor Belts

Do you need a powered conveyor belt for hot parts, heat-treat quench applications, or a washer conveyor? Contact a Transcon representative today about our wired mesh and powered roller conveyor belts.

Wire mesh belting could be your best choice. Positioned below the mesh on the steel belt, the connections ensure that no parts catch on the belt connects. These belts are available in steel and stainless mesh, with opening sizes determined by the application.

On the other hand, perhaps your business requires conveyor belts that can sort, divert, or handle heavy loads. A powered roller conveyor provides this solution. Powered roller conveyors move heavy loads customized with powered curves. Move the belt at variable speeds with a customized powered roller conveyor belt, allowing for easy movement, sorting, or transportation of items.

Customized Conveyor Belts

Transcon Conveyors Outlast the Competition

Our manufacturing and design teams know the smallest details have a big impact. Moreover, our service and sales departments know that your conveyor must keep running in order for production to keep running. Accordingly, our Transcon team promises the highest quality of workmanship.

Our commitment begins with your initial consultation and all the way through the integration of your new conveyor into your system. Let’s get you moving in the right direction. Contact our team and schedule a consultation today.